Five – Star Steaks

Our Filet Mignons, New York Strip Sirloins,
RibEyes & ChateauBriand Steaks are the very best. We always strive to create the best value we can for our customers so we price our beef dishes according to the markets.

Since 1989

Welcome to Karon Cafe’, family owned and operated since 1989. Our concept is to offer top quality and unequaled value; an outpost in Paradise for weary travelers and relaxed sunbathers. The original American style Streakhouse restaurant specializing in Air-flown Fresh Chilled Australian Beef at reasonable prices which also offers a broad menu of expertly prepared foods.

Coconut BBQ

We Slow Smoke our BBQ offerings using our special blend of rubbing spices & coconut smoke chips.


  • Karon Cafe Inn

    Boutique Guesthouse

  • The Dinning Room

    At Pacific Club

  • Karon Cafe


  • Pacific Club Resort

    **** Hotel

  • Las Margaritas

    Mexican Cuisine

  • Paradise Inn

    Boutique Guesthouse